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Benefits of Digital TPP (Approach Plate/Aproach Chart) subscription...

  • No more downloading a page at a time from the FAA NACO site.

  • Never worry about remembering to get the latest up to date plate. We will alert you to via e-mail when the new version is coming out, available or in the mail for delivery.

  • Preflight and plan without having to be connected to the Internet. All files can be downloaded to your PC, Kindle, iPhone, iPod Touch, Notebook, Tablet PC, eBook reader or even Mac for use offline.

  • Use inflight on your Sony or Kindle eBook reader or PC.

  • Don't get caught without the approach plate you need. Carry a complete set of digital approach plates without the weight, bulkiness and costs.

  • Build your EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) and stop carrying books around. Get back a couple of pounds of useful load.

  • Save the environment. A single book can be up to 650 pages. The whole set is over 15000 pages.

  • Don't be without the information you need, when you need it the most.

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